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  • Light Matters In Greenhouse Structures

    By: A.J. Both – Whether entering an old or a new greenhouse, I am always curious to see how the structure was put together. I look at what materials were used, how the various components are put together, and how much light the structure transmits. The larger and more...

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  • Gas-fueled CHP delivers cost-effective heat and CO2 for greenhouses

    White Paper By Stefan De Wit, Project and Engineering Manager   Commercial greenhouses today are sophisticated operations, growing plants more efficiently than in previous generations through the use of new technologies that make better use of light and air. Key ingredients in this natural resource mix are heat and...

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  • Analytic data sheet on temperature reducing greenhouse poly

    The newest greenhouse film of Hyplast, Kool Lite Plus, reflects the solar heat, which induces a cooler climate in the greenhouse, specifically during the hottest period of the day. The cooling effect is a direct result of using specific pearlescent pigments in the film. These pigments selectively reflect the Near...

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