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With many years of research and development under our belt, we have the experience to facilitate every step that our clients need to take in order to achieve their goals, as well as provide all of the assets required to transform those goals into a reality.



The truth is all of our values boil down to one thing, you. We only exist because we value what you are trying to accomplish and we want to make sure you achieve your goals. Beyond our experience, and a passion for the industry itself, lies the determination to make sure that our clients have the best assets that this industry has to offer. The best solution is always available if you know how to find it and we exist to help you do that.



Every grower needs a knowledgeable supplier to help them make an informed decision about what they both want and need. Evolve Greenhouse Solutions exists to provide it’s customers with the absolute best products available and guarantee that their crops, whatever they may be, reach a stage of fruition that the customers could have never imagined.

Located in southern Oregon, we at Evolve Greenhouse Solutions have spent years in the greenhouse industry and through persistent periods of heavy research and development, have developed the knowledge to provide our customers with everything they need to know to create a rich, flourishing environment, for any crop of their choosing to thrive in.

We primarily specialize in high-efficency greenhouse systems and environmental controls. We source and utilize equipment from the most prominent and advanced manufacturers in the greenhouse industry. We have made it our priority to provide the most scalable solutions that enable growers to reduce cost of production and increase quality.

From construction to environmental management, there are a wide variety of topics that need to be discussed and understood before a client begins to make decisions about what products to purchase. The type of greenhouse, irrigation system, ventilation, lighting, curtains, monitoring systems, and environmental controls are all just the beginning of the conversation. It’s important for us to make sure that our clients know what they truly need in order to prevent them from losing money in the wrong areas of their business.

It is incredibly important to keep up with developing technologies that are rapidly expanding and we are always ready to help our clients make the best decisions for their crop and their business. Regardless of what type of grow you are interested in, we can help you build the perfect environment and procure all of the required assets to help ensure a healthy product that is ready for distribution.



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